Gary E. Humberson, Jr., CEO, Knew Line Companies


· Gary E. Humberson, Jr. began his career in the insurance claims

Industry in 1989 as an intern Private Investigator. 

· Mr. Humberson conducted surveillance’s for insurance claim files throughout Florida, Texas and Alabama. 

· He continued working surveillance’s, managing field investigators and running the operations of an investigative company until 1999. 

· Mr. Humberson then created his own investigative company Nu-Line Claims. 

· He expanded the company into seven states and then in 2002 opened Nu-Line Claims Adjusting.

· Mr. Humberson gained the reputation of, “the guy who gets the results”. 

· In 2005 he merged his company with another investigative firm and continued running the daily operations throughout multiple states. 

· In 2009, Mr. Humberson created Knew Line Investigations and Knew Line Claims Services. 

· The Knew Line companies were formed after seeing a need in our industry of a true “think outside the box” company in order to provide the results needed by claims professionals.

Ø Florida Licensed P.I. # C2000479

Ø Florida All Lines Claims Adjuster # E027239

Ø Accredited Claims Adjuster

Ø 29 years’ experience

Ø 19 years owner of investigative and adjusting companies.

Ø Member of the majority of claims associations in Florida.

Ø Featured investigator on ABC news segment about a day in the life of a private investigator.

Ø Many articles in local newspapers about life as a P.I. in Sarasota, FL.

Ø 2005-2014 board member and chairman of Sarasota Bradenton Claims Association (President in 2007, 2015 and 2016).

Ø Board member of Friends of 440, Tampa Chapter. (2003 – present)

Ø 2002 F.A.S.I. Golf Chairman

Ø Active with his philanthropy and participation in many charitable organizations.

Ø Church activities

Ø NHRA licensed driver/owner of the Knew Line 1967 Camaro

Guest speaker for in house training and meetings throughout the country.